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III Saber Academe Meetup Times

Fridays 9:00PM US Central- 

Saturdays 9:00PM US Central-

Sundays 9:00PM US Central-

See Forums for schedule changes and where we meet

Kogain Tornament:



How each month is graded by 3 judges

    1. Creativity (Worth 10)

    2. Size (Worth 10)

    3. Complexity (Worth 10)

    4. Decor (Worth 10)

    5. Design (Worth 10)

    6. 1.2 Multiplier if Survival World

ROASTER: March Update Updating for April soon

1st place: CombatCerberus
2nd place: Joshua Wedel
3rd place: Claton Carmine
4th place: Bandit III
5th place: SanitaryRap III
6th place: XxSpartanxX1120

Participators placements:

Joshua Wedel (VIP)

Total Points: 421

Month 1:63

Month 2:108

Month 3:150

Month 4:100

Month 5:

Month 6:

Map Description:

CombatCerberus (VIP)

Total Points: 454

Month 1:71

Month 2:133

Month 3:150

Month 4:100

Month 5:

Month 6:

Map Description: Roman City, known for its glorious designs. Combat Cerberus spent time working on his design plan and clearing over 300 blocks to leave room for the city.

SanitaryRap III

Total Points:92

Month 1:92

Month 2: 0 (No Progress)

Month 3: 0 (No Progress)

Month 4: 0 (No Progress)

Month 5:

Month 6:

Map Description: A map designed to be a huge castle like thing. Sanitary has not quite yet decited what it will be. Over 100 block was cleared to make room for this bad boy.


Total Points: 300

Month 1: 0 (No Show)

Month 2: 0 (No Show)

Month 3: 200 (Honorable Mentions)

Month 4: 100

Month 5:

Month 6:

Map Description: A map made to resemble some of the most important and beautiful Iconics that his world offers, such as Dubai's Grand 6 star hotel. Claton will be building famous buildings into a city format.


Total Points:15

Month 1:15

Month 2: 0 (No Show)

Month 3: 0 (No Show)

Month 4: 0 (No Show)

Month 5:

Month 6:

Map Description: A map that has jsut started with a soft new natural feels. Is going to be built to be underground Lair and Underwater base using natural resources.

Bandit III

Total Points: 283

Month 1:91

Month 2:92

Month 3: 50

Month 4: 100

Month 5:

Month 6:

Map Description: An amusement Park set village to give the habitants something to enjoy day to day.

D34TH AL1V3 (Dropout)

Gregory (Dropout)