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Halo Stories Returns

Posted by KogaGmente III on March 5, 2016 at 2:15 AM

Hello, peepers!

What Happened, and what's Next

KogaGmente III here to annouce that Halo Stories is returning to its regular machinima business! Read Below to see what will be needed and done.

Our main machinima MOTI has been in a bit of a bind since Halo 5 failed to fix Theater mode until now. Since this is done Episode 3 will now be in progress. However, since you guys on the xbone is new to my machinima and its channel please take some time here to look at what will be needed to help me. 

Before I go into detail on what I need I also ask that you register to our website if you want to be hand picked everytime for a machinima roll ranging from typing yoru own scripts to voicing, to body acting in HS Machinima. My friends list will be the second thing that I will look at. So if your a returning Subscribe fill free to add me on XBL to get a chance to be second picked. My gamertag is KogaGmente III

I also want to thank the III community for assisting me. They will earn creadit in each video I produce.

What I need to get the machinima's and future machinimas done for MOTI:

  1. I will need people that have Halo 5, and Master Cheif Collection. You only have to have one to participate.
  2. I will need several armor variants Here is a list what what I'll need per character so far
Armor Virants Needed by Characters:

Halo 5

Virusia: Recon Armor Full body Suit/ Blue Visor
Guarigione: EOD Armor Full body Suit/ Grey Visor
Arifiser: MarkV Helmet with Solder body Suit/ Red Visor
Copper: Enforcer Full body Suit/ Sunspot or red mix equivilant
Alastair: NightFall Armor full Set/ Midnight Visor
Syringe: Scout Armor full set/ Blue Visor


Various Other Armors to appear for future characters.
Various Legendary Armors

Halo MCC

Mystery:  ODST/ Blue Visor
Jorge (Hotshot): ODST/ Blue Visor
James: ODST/ Blue Visor
Alastair: ODST/ Blue Visor


Elite Armor various Sets

How many People will I need at a time?

This will roughly varry between scenes, I can say within this machinima I do participate on average around 3 to 4 people during a session. THe minamal that has happened is 2 people. At max I may need at 16 player lobby. I will average around 4 to 12 at most.

What will be expected if you participate in a session?

If you chose to partake in a session with me in my machinima you will be expected to listen to my very orders. You must be consent to changing all sets that your customized spartans has, including Service tags to emblems to colors depending on what the characters are. Within the session I will dirrect you on what the scene is and how it's to play out. We'll practice a few times then get the real shot in.

What if you dont listen?

If you dont work with and continue to cuase problems after about 3 strikes or depending on my mood I will kick you and replace you. In the youtube and machinima world people are expendable, I am giving you a chance to see what machinima is like for randoms, so mess your chance up and I wont hesitate to remove you from the lobby.

If you have questions or concers email me, contact me on XBl or comment below.

XBL: KogaGmente III
Email: [email protected] Email Subject: HS Machinima

On email if you dont put the right Subject I will not open it up.

KogaGmente III signing out.

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